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Welcome to the home page of Amateur Radio Station WA6MVG located in Auburn,Washington.I mostly operate QRP on the HF Bands and VHF/UHF frequencies. My current radios are a Yaesu FT-847 HF/VHF Radio.I also enjoy monitoring local Public Safety traffic on my Radio Shack Pro-160 Trunking radio scanner,listening to both King County and Tacoma Trunked Radio Systems.
I can usually be found monitoring the W7PSE Amateur Radio repeater system on 441.775 MHZ (103.5 PL).

This site also has my personal backyard weather station consisting of a Oregon Scientific WMR-100A sensors tha feed data to a computer that runs Virtual Weather Station software and uploads to the internet once every 10 seconds.

DX Watch

Current Propagation

Curent Propagation

Solar MUF

Welcome to my updated website

2014-04-13 @ 05:00, Category, Dale Nicholson-WA6MVG, Comments?

As you can see,I have once again changed the layout of my website. This will be an on-going project,so bear with me. Maybe I will not get tired with this one. I decided to start using Virtual Weather Station for my weather reporting software because it was easier to configure. I also am trying out the UV sensor to see how it works out. Spring appears to have finally arrived in Western Washington although the nights are still chilly.

Maybe I will finally get a chance to get some antenna work done!

This is my second article

2007-01-01 @ 00:01, Category, My name, Comments

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